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The service named Myhr.bfusa that began in 1996 is an online tool provided by the company Bridgestone for employees to track the status of and make changes to their benefits plans. By Myhr.bfusa login employees can check the payroll and pay-slips, update the profile information, avail the benefits offered by the Bridgestone, Manage the e Schedule and other services on Myhr Bridgestone.

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You will find MyHR Bridgestone Portal, MyHR apps, Ask HR, Sweepstakes etc in the home page of web portal. For Bridgestone employee Myhr.bfusa login, Bridgestone Firestone employee website details, Bridgestone employee benefits, we can use the IRJ portal login. Click on the register button to register online with the MyHR BFusa portal.

Businesses and Brands

Bridgestone Corporation has its headquarter¬†in Tokyo and it is the world’s preeminent provider of tire and rubber products. It is focused on delivering innovative and premium products for more than 150 countries and territories across the world.¬†

Specifically, the product portfolio including a list of products such as passenger and light truck tires, aircraft and mining tires, commercial truck and bus tires, motorcycle tires, premium golf balls, clubs, industrial products, and more. 

It is providing services for different categories such as consumer, sports, commercial, research, and innovation. You can find different kinds of products such as Bridgestone motorcycle tires, tires, Centros Camioneros, Truck tires, mileage sales, industrial products, America’s tube business, Americas off-road tires, aircraft tires, etc.

Under sports category, it has been offered for its customers that subsumed official worldwide partner, Bridgestone Futbol, Bridgestone Golf, Arena Naming Rights, world golf championships, and America’s golf cup.¬†

  • Firestone

    consumer and commercial tire manufacturing and service, roofing material, natural rubber, building products, and other rubberized components used in the manufacturing of tires.


    an excellent fuel efficiency that earning more mileage


    Credit First National Association brand is a nationally charted bank which offers private label cards at Firestone Complete Auto Care, wheel works, Hibton Tires Plus, Tires Plus, independent and affiliated deals and non-automotive retailers.


    This brand providing tire solutions for construction, mining, trucking, agricultural, and industrial segments which suit the best customers’ needs.¬†

    Tires Plus

    automotive services ranging from batteries to oil changes, alignments to brakes, shocks

    Truck PM Plus

    expertise to maintain and repair all makes of trucks, trailers, and tractors. 

    For Vehicles

    tires for car and light trucks, tires for aircraft, tires for trucks and bus, tires for agriculture, tires for off the road, retreads, tubes, air springs, and rubber tracks. 

    Tires for Car  & Light Trucks

    tires are sold exclusively in the United States of America and it offers different kinds of tires such as Firestone Complete Auto Care, Wheel Works, and Tires Plus.

    Isolator& Actuators

    you can get to find a wide range of isolators and actuators which are equipped with the advanced technologies in order to cope up with the recent modern-day technologies.

    Roofing and Wall Systems

    The roofing and wall system products are involved roofing accessories, daylighting systems, green roofing systems, vegetative roofing systems, metal roofing systems and wall panels, pond liners, cavity wall construction, insulation, and stormwater management systems. 

    How to Create an Account for New Users:

    If you’re a new employee at Bridgestone or don’t have an existing account at myHR Bridgestone, you can register your details through the online website. For that, you’re required to consider below steps as follows:

      • As similar as the myHR BFUSA Login account, you need to open the website on your latest web browser in the initial step.¬†
      • Click on the link which is named as reset a forgotten password or create a new password which is available under login credentials.¬†
      • By clicking on that link, you will be taken on the new page wherein you’re required to enter your valid email address.¬†
      • Accordingly, you will receive instructions to set your new password to the account.¬†
      • Based on that, the password should be case sensitive and must be included at least one upper case and lower case letter, one number, and one special character.¬†
    • Once you’ve set up your own password, you will be accomplished the process of setting up a new password.¬†

    How to Log Into myHR BFUSA

    For the existing user of myHr BFUSA, you can log in directly in your account by providing the valid login credentials that are provided by the organization at the time of joining up. For that, you need to follow below steps without missing any of the steps:

    • Visit the website on your latest web browser.
    • Once you’ve entered into the website on your web browser, you can get to view the details subsuming login credentials such as UID number and password. However, you need to make a note that does not include zeros before UID number.¬†

    myhrbfusa login image

    • When you’ve entered the complete details, you can tap on submit button which allows accessing the information relevant to the company’s documents or other services.¬†
    • In this way, you can easily log into your account without facing any problems.¬†

    You have to remember one important note that if you’ve attempted to log in your account for more than four times, your account will be locked. In that case, you can contact your HR for further access.¬†

    myHR BFUSA service is totally free to use and you can easily log into their account to manage the account and access the updated information regarding documents or other relevant services.

    Contact: 855-USE-MYHR (855-873-6947).

    This hereby ends of the piece that was explained at its best. I hope you have got complete details regarding Myhr BFUSA login and other information that you might need. Mention us a question or suggestion in the comment box below.

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